What Makes FanDuel Different From Fantasy Football?

This post is a beginner’s guide to the differences between FanDuel and EPL Fantasy Football

One of the very first questions asked when a newbie joins FanDuel is what are the differences between FanDuel and the regular Fantasy Football game?

Well the simple answer is quite a lot! But if you are familiar with fantasy football you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly. However, before you jump in and splash the cash have a quick read of the guide below to be sure you are in the best possible position to start winning money from day one. After all, that is the first and most important difference between them…

1. FanDuel allows you to win Real Cash – and lots of it. While the game is still relatively fresh and new in UK there are often contests full of first time players not completely clear on the rules. This makes finishing top half in the main contests and at least doubling your money relatively easy and consistent to start with, (provided you follow the rules and tips in this site of course). Don’t forget though, this does also mean that upon sign up you will be required to deposit real cash into your new FanDuel account with a REAL bank card.

2. You pick a whole new team for every contest. There are no weekly transfers or points deductions. Simply pick a team on FanDuel to play in a specific contest that week and that’s it.

3. You only pick 11 players. There is no need for subs or bench boost chips in FanDuel. Pick the 11 players you know will play and you’re ready to go.

4. You can change anybody in your lineup up to 1 minute before their game kicks off. This is really important and often missed by most newbies to FanDuel. This means even if the Saturday games have happened already, and you have players still due to play on Sunday, they can be changed before their game kicks off. So no panicking at 11.30am on a Saturday morning that your Monday night striker may or may not be fit. There should be no excuses for having players in your line-up that don’t start. With a rough average of at least 350 points* needed to get in the money most weeks, you cannot afford to have a 0 from anybody.

5. Players’ prices change week to week. This depends on a number of factors – mostly popularity and form. This is both good and bad. When a star player gets injured their value will decrease, if you can catch them on their return before anybody else has a chance they are likely to be the cheap differential you were looking for that week. GW 11, Zieler the Leicester City goalkeeper was a perfect example of a first team player guaranteed to start due to the injury to Schmeichel but whose price was representative of somebody who hadn’t yet made an appearance this season (£4.5M). It freed up plenty of funds to fit Coutinho, Firmino and Mane into GW11 which rewarded those that did with 161.75 points and a likely windfall of cash. To top it off, he duly delivered 3 saves and a few additional points to boot against West Brom.

6. The scoring system is completely different. Most importantly, the game (currently) favours attackers with all players being rewarded equally for actions on the pitch no matter their position. Goals (10 points), assists (7 points), shots on target (5 points) and chances created (3 points) are the main characteristics you are looking for in all of your players which is why it’s never wise to load up on defenders. Even more importantly only goalkeepers are rewarded for clean sheets – another knock for the defender lovers out there. A sweet 10 points from your keeper with a couple of 3 point saves thrown in however, can often be the difference between a top half finish or just missing out on the money.

7. FanDuel doesn’t just focus on the English Premier League. Weekly Champions League and Europa League contests are available midweek too (see Champions League section for more details). As yet the game has not extended to the EPL trophy or FA Cup but watch this space as I expect we aren’t far from that being included too.

8. Contests change week to week. The total winnings on offer in the bigger contests will often change too. This is usually dependant on the popularity of that contest. Also you can choose to play a contest that just covers matches for a specific day during the weekend. This can be quite helpful when the team you have chosen on Saturday to play for the entire weekend has already let you down. Sunday will arrive and with it a whole plethora of new contests available for you to join that will just focus on that days’ games and allow you to recoup any potential loses.

9. You can pick up to a maximum of 4 players from the same team for your 11-man lineup. This is 1 more than is allowed in the EPL Fantasy Football game and does allow you to really commit to a team if you are super confident of their ability to win big that gameweek.

10. You are not eligible to play FanDuel UK, outside of the UK. So for those who like to holiday or find you are often travelling abroad for work, remember you will not be able to access any part of the site (even just to check your GW score) until back on UK soil. As a side note, it’s highly recommended you do not try to circumvent this rule or obscure your location via a VPN or proxy server. FanDuel take the violation of their Terms and Conditions very seriously and should you be found out, they will not only terminate your account, they will claw back any winnings you might have made since you started. It’s just not worth it. You have been warned!

While there are clearly major nuances between the two games, there are also a number of similarities that will help regular Fantasy Football players adapt to FanDuel quickly and easily. You still have a fixed £100M to spend on your team each week. You can still change your team formation for each contest as much as you like but you must still have a minimum of 3 defenders and a maximum of 3 strikers. Both games offer a mobile app for both Apple and Android too.

Now that you know the basics, visit the Fanduel site HERE and get started. Any further questions, just stick them in the comments section below and one of our ‘FanDuel Experts’ (self-titled) will be in touch…

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