Picking the Best Players: Defenders

DEFENDERS GET NO POINTS for clean sheets. This is really important! I can’t stress this enough. Ignore the way you have previously chosen defenders for your fantasy teams in the past. The top scoring defenders in Fantasy Premier League will not be the top scorers in Fanduel.

The reason the likes of Curtis Davies of Hull or Winston Reid of West Ham are such high average scorers is because of Clearances, Blocks and Interceptions (CBI). Ideally every week you should be looking for defenders who will be up against a tough attacking side, forcing lots of clearances and tackles. It doesn’t matter if they concede 5 goals a game, as long as they have made a ton of tackles, interceptions and blocks. On the whole it seems centre-backs are the more regular high average scorers in this position but every now and again the wingbacks will come into their own. Danny Rose and Marcos Alonso being the obvious examples.

My preference when looking for a defender is either wingbacks currently playing in a team with a back 3 or centre backs playing at the bottom of the league. With 3 points on offer for every chance created and 0.5 points for every foul drawn, the game very much favours either marauding wing backs playing in attacking teams OR dominating centre backs (think Scott Dann and Michael Keane) playing for teams down at the bottom fighting for their lives, often enjoying less than 30-40% of possession throughout the game.

Don’t forget it doesn’t matter the position, all players score the same for specific actions whether it’s goals, clearances or chances created. So my advice would be not to focus on defenders too often, on a good week you might get 20-30 points from them but that’s not even half what a strong midfielder or striker would get you if they turn up as they should. My recommendation would be never play more than 3 defenders in your team each week and save the money for your front line.

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