Picking the Best Players: Goalkeepers

When picking a goalkeeper a clean sheet is still the main priority with 10 points on offer for such an achievement. However 3 points for a save means its almost always worth taking a risk on a low value keeper playing a top of the table team who is likely to be required for 4-5 top class saves to keep their team in the game – especially if they are in form, and have a good defensive record (think Middlesbrough) AND if they tend to pass out from the back (pass points on offer for every 5 successful passes).

Guzan, Pickford and Heaton are amongst the top scoring GK on average as of GW 11 and all play for teams in and around the bottom of the league. Note though that at £8.1M Heaton has been rewarded for these impressive displays with a HUGE price increase.

My current go to keeper with Kasper Schmeichel out of action is Leicester City’s Zieler. At only £4.5 you will not find a cheaper goalie playing regularly right now and with Leicester not looking as solid as last year I would suggest save points should be plentiful in the coming weeks with clean sheets still possible too. The additional £3.6M budget you’d save compared to Heaton would allow an upgrade of Walcott>Sanchez on any given week, which on the whole should prove more lucrative, (accept for GW8 in which that switch actually cost me the No.1 spot – more about that HERE if you are interested).

Please remember the tactic of choosing the cheap keepers from poor defensive sides can be a little risky, as you get -1 for each goal conceded. On the off chance the top team bring their shooting boots and your small time goalie has a mare you could have ruined your whole week. However, history so far (however limited) suggests this is less likely than the alternative so on the whole I would still argue it’s a strong strategy to pick cheap and use the budget on the frontline instead.

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