How To Play

If you fancy yourself as a Fantasy Football wizz then FanDuel is the game for you. It’s simple and easy to sign up and even easier to start playing.

How To Play

Step 1. Pick a contest. Contests come in all shapes and sizes and range from completely free, to hundreds of pounds entry fee. There are also various types of contests such as ‘Top Half Wins’ where the top 50% of players will at the very least double their stake.

Step 2. Choose your line up. With a budget of £100M you must select 11 players for your chosen contest. You can use any formation as long as you always have at lease 3 defenders, 1 striker and of course a goalkeeper. You can choose up to 4 players from the same team. When you are happy with your team, hit “Enter Lineup” and away you go.

Step 3. Watch in real time as your players accrue points based on Opta stats as the games are played out live.

Step 4. Outscore your opponents and win real cash. Each contest will have it’s own payout structure which you will find under the ‘Prizes’ tab within each one. Any prizes are immediately credited to your FanDuel account and you can then apply to withdraw it all.

For more detailed instructions and to get started visit the FanDuel site at

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