Choosing the Winning Team!

A few quick tips when choosing your team to ensure you make money on Fanduel from the start…

• Take risks
• Find the differentials each week
• Play the fixtures
• Play 3 at the back
• Don’t spend all your budget on your keeper
• Creative midfielders are the key. Spend big on them (and Forwards of course)
• Don’t finalise your team until lineups have been officially announced
• Correlate attackers from the same team
• Don’t just use average points as your driver for selection. Consider each players form too.
• Always enter the Free Tournaments….they’re free!

If you have aspirations of winning big, remember, you have to find those boom or bust players. The ones that on any given week might give you absolutely nothing but the one week they explode, they will be the difference you were looking for. I call them the RISK DIFFERENTIALS. Check out MY POST about the differential that won me £150 in Gameweek 8 pretty much on his own.

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